Andreas 'Yup' Schneider of OFFENCE

If you want to contact me write an e-mail to: Yup [at_to_replace]

My Computer history
Well, I bought my first Computer (a C-128D) in 1988. After some time having fun playing games, i started to code a little bit and founded together with a friend of mine (Burp)a group called Wild Boys Group (WBC).
Some time later a contact (T.J.) asked us (Yup&Burp) to join the group STATIC. What we did. But we weren't long STATIC-members, because most of us left to join THE SHARKS. At the end of 1989 we left and became Warriors of Time (WOT) members. A great group. Most of the WOT members later joined OFFENCE. Under WOT I released my first real demo "Carpe Noctam". After having a nice time in the group SHAPE we founded OFFENCE! That was at the end of 1991. And I'm still in Offence, as you can see.
But while I was in Offence, I also was under the handle 'Fat Rat' in NUTS, a undergroup from NATO and later Traitors. But read more about it in C=64.
In 1992 I released my last C-64 demo and started to code a game on the Amiga. But I never finished it.
After some years of inactivity I'm back with a new Amiga release : 'Carpe Noctem'.

This is my newest picture.
Yup's Picture 4

The following picture was made 1 or 2 days before me 21st birthday.
Yup's Picture 1

On this picture I'm 23 or 24. I don't know exactly.
Yup's Picture 3

Well a newer picture again ( 25 and 1/2 years ).
Yup's Picture 2