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'AYS-NoBo', 'AYS_VBI', 'Simple2'

'AYS-NoBo' (Windows / 126 KB )

Create your Window in any shape you want to.
With AYS-NoBo you can make your Window nonrectangular with only 3 lines of code (in C).
Also supports Delphi directly now.
Read the README here.

AYS-NoBo Screenshot

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'AYS_VBI' (DOS / 69 KB )

ATTENTION: Don't run any Background Tasks when you start the samples. I can't do anything against Multitasking and when an other Prog like Memsnoop, PaintShop Pro ,.. gets the time, there is no time left for the sample for 1 frame or so.

As the name says 'AYS_VBI' is a Vertical Blanc Interrupt that works under DOS and WIN95.
LIBRARY, the source and examples are included.
Read the README here.
PLEASE WRITE ME, if it works or not, and what System you have, because I want to make a list of working/non-working systems and fix the bugs. Until yet I've tested it on 6 different systems and everythings worked good. But you never know!?

'VBITest' (DOS / 17 KB )

A small programm to help you finding the programms that eat up the CPU-time from time to time. Use it when 'AYS_VBI' doesn't work on your machine.

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'Simple2' (DOS / 198 KB )

This is the Simple2 example from 'AYS_VBI' with sound (I used the SEAL-Soundlib).

Simple2 Screenshot

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