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About Me gives you some informations about me, like some photos, in which groups I was,...
C=64, Amiga, PC you can find all my releases with a small description
Jokes and more, only one Comic at the moment
Links offers you some nice links (awaited somthing else ??)
Offence's Homepage all about Offence

If you want to contact me,Yup, write an e-mail to: Yup [at_to_replace]
Last updated 27.12.2000


20.03.01 : AYS-NoBo now supports Delphi directly.

27.12.00 : Bugfixed AYS-NoBo. See LatestNews.txt inside 'AYS-NoBo'.
11.01.99 : AYS-NoBo for PC is released. Sorry for the delay.
03.11.98 : I coded my own Guestbook. How about signing it ?
15.10.98 : I uploaded Simple2 for PC again. SORRY to all who tried to download it. I forgot to up it when I changed the Server. SORRY.
23.9.98 : I have a new URL now: . Dragon for Amiga is now online,...
6.8.98 : some changes, most important: Jokes.
1.5.98 : updated the PC-Page. Simple2 is now available.
30.4.98 : released one of my sources for the PC.

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