Andreas 'Yup' Schneider's Amiga Page

'Carpe Noctem'.

Finally it's done. Released on the 1st of April 97, here is 'Carpe Noctem' (93 KB). A THX-musicdisc with C=64 grafic and THX musics, including the C=64 'Carpe Noctam' -Sound.

A must for every C=64 and Amiga Fan.
Watch the different Textscreens ( there are also pictures ), and use the right mousebutton in the Textscreens.


In 1992 I started to make a game called 'Dragon', but I never finished it. It features an extremely fast scrolling routine.
Dragon Screenshot Dragon Screenshot 2

'The Global Amiga Experience'.

A CD, I made together with Stevan Rankic. You can watch the Advertise-Comic under : 'Lyrics and More'.
And you can find a test under List of all Amiga CD-ROMs.